About us — and about your carry.

We make handy beverage sleeves that makes carrying everything easier.

Hi. We Make beverage sleeves.

Out of passion for the very thing that picks us up and keeps us going. Sounds familiar? We work for coffee, literally. 

Most people can’t imagine a better experience with their obsession but we can, and did! Backed by our 30-day guarantee, we promise you that once you’ll try our sleeves you’ll never want anything other than soft cushy cuff to carry your coffee stuff.

Sing that tune. 

Life wasn’t always this way. We went into drive-thrus after drive thru and noticed some coffee temperatures were hotter than others. We won’t name names but even a double insulation layer didn’t help. We took mental notes…but it wasn’t enough to make something.

So we asked ourselves with so many different kinds of reusable sleeves, why do you need one for every size and fit? Why not make something that’s adaptable in size, temperature, and feels like morning therapy for your hands? We rolled up our sleeves (pun intended) and got to work. 

Having worked with multiple factories, patented goods, and supply chain in the soft goods industry, and almost two years later, we created what we believe to be the finest reusable beverage sleeve  in all the land. Some may refer to it as a “koozie”, but that’s not our brand. It’s 2021 and we like to think we have a handle on things. Our invention, the GO CUFF, is the ultimate lightweight carry for your to-go cups. So, what are you waiting for? Go cuff the heck out of your morning brew—daily, multiple times, anywhere you want. On the table, on top of the laundry, in the car, and definitely not in front of the kids.

Oh hey, we’re still talking about coffee here.

#GoCuff #BetterWithHandles